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On your wedding day, before putting your makeup and doing your hair, remember to wear a shirt or a blouse that can easily be unbuttoned or unzipped. This is to avoid ruining your hair and makeup when you change in to your wedding gown.
When planning a hairstyle, consider where the placement of the veil would be, should it be high up on the crown of your head, should it be lower down the neck or would it there be a veil at all? Or will you only be wearing a tiara.
Remember to keep the classic wedding look as much as possible, in this way you will have your photos timeless, so even years will pass, you still can look back at your wedding photos and be proud of it. You will get the best result out of a natural makeup that will enhance your natural beauty. Your wedding day is not the time to practice new interesting looks that are out there in the social media.
Never over do your look. Focus on your best trait and enhance it even more. Like if you choose to enhance your eyes, then leave your lips in a neutral colour.
I strongly suggest a trial day with your makeup artist and hair stylist to assure that you will look the most beautiful bride that you have been dreaming of.
While you are thinking if a trial day is necessary or if a makeup artist is even necessary, so think this, think how long your makeup will last from the moment you step in the church, while you dance with your groom and till the last dance of the night. A professional makeup artist will guarantee you, that you will get the proper treatment with primers and sealers that will make your makeup last long.
Important! Never have your facial or deep cleansing done or cut and colour your hair a week before your wedding day and that also includes your eyebrows or lashes. This is to avoid any allergic reactions that may cause to your skin.
If you choose to do your own makeup on your special day, remember that a perfect skin is the alpha omega for a perfect wedding makeup. Choose the right foundation for your skin tone. If you will go for colours, take the surrounding and the entourage into consideration. Like the colours of your bride’s maids dresses, the flowers and your bouquet. So you wouldn’t look misplaced or mismatched in your surrounding. A harmonious classic look will forever give you a timeless memory of your special day.
Have a beautiful and unforgettable one.

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