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Wedding Flower Bouquet and Boutonnieres 

To reduce the stress on your wedding day. You can now order your wedding bouquet and boutonnieres and we will bring them personally to you on your wedding day.

1. When booking a wedding package, you can also order a wedding bouquet and boutonnieres at the same time. These items comes as a set. (Photos of the bouquets are coming soon)

2. If you have a photo of a wedding bouquet that you like, please send it to us for our florist to see. We will try to do the flower bouquet as close as you want it. Please be reminded that some of the flowers are seasonal and because of it, the bouquet might not look exactly as expected to be.

  1. 3. The bouquet will be delivered directly and personally to you. Flowers will be packed in a box.
  2. 4. Important: All wedding flowers and boutonnieres will be made on the day of your wedding.

Car Service – from your hotel to Wedding location 

To reduce more stress you can also ask for a transportation from your hotel to your wedding location.

Price example: All hotels in Copenhagen with a radius of around 10 km from the city central to Copenhagen City Hall- price is 200,- DKK or 30 Euro.




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